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investigation. after the government shutdown furloughed 97% of nasa staff and forced the mars rover to go into sleep mode while congress settled its earthly squabbles, the agency is back up and running. nasa host a press conference today to discuss the next phase in mars exploration. the next mission is known as the mars atmosphere and expiration. it will launch from cape canaveral space station in florida. the mission will last for one earth year and sign to say it will help communications relay between earth and the rover's curiosity and opportunity. it will help researchers understand the history and changes of the red planet's atmosphere. that will do it for now. i will see you back here at 5 p.m. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> hello there and welcome to nhk news. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. >>> china politically sensitive sites. a jeep now plowed through tienemen square. the driver and two passersby were kill
spying operations the reporter us nasa security agency documents show the australian government has been allowing the nsa cooperate in this and the seas and in the show. i let it not china and east timor. the chinese foreign ministry said that us should abide by international law and regulations. a finance extremely concerned about this report and asked that the us offer a clarification an explanation. we also accept foreign embassies in tyne and their staff respectively and accommodation and other international treaties. we should not get involved in any activities that harm tighten security and ensure a pain in the cigar but also someone that u s ambassador to jakarta to clear up the allegations. ask and it continues to deepen the menace park at all former nsa contractors were snowed in. i found a job in russia. the russian lawyer eighties snowden said thursday that he will start work in november provided support for a large russian website. she noted. the edits the series recent pivotal game seven on friday night and we happened to him and stephen j joins us to phyllis and all the det
to justify all of nasa's term american exceptional when shoppers that offensive term due to many people but its real meaning. by consent the exception is that the us considers itself up having the right to attack anyone in the world at any time to kill anybody in the world at the time to torture anybody in the world at any time to rest any body in the world at any time i back to spy on anyone in the world and that is that their definition of american exceptionalism of which is driving us all that's why we've far as director of the future terrorism project says beloved alone won't solve terror. the world despite its ideological roots the growth of the hottest production may mean that many ideological schools. and of creating radicalized aims to create a much wider demography of the hottest and then you have another structure that is all cried out for a variety of other jihadist groups and in many countries while recording so the pool is getting larger problem is that over the past few years the adminstration and policy makers and united states and not acknowledging the fact that behind t
countries of fruits grow. there's this term that they used to justify all of nasa's term american exceptionalism. when shoppers is an offensive term due to many people but its real meaning. is that the exception is that the us considers itself up having the right to attack anybody in the world at any time. so there was no sign that during strikes coming to an end today as we boarded mention a moment usa croft is killed the head of the taliban in pakistan. four missiles with quantities come on killing at least five people but some reports suggesting it remembered that can be as high as twenty five aunties correspondent of a queanbeyan has the details. i know the official sources has gone from the academe of the all flap at the labasa lives and spoke with his animated tree it's at heart muscle with an of the monsoons. of course muscle is very important so many dead to tidy my bike this time as he was needing to head the epa and the movement toward the years the bounty was that on his head around why comedian at them and that the us has a right to the hezbollah does that mean old ont
that this does vast collection of data that the hat was incredibly useful to national security for nasa national security purposes with respect to the initial question. as is damaged the relationship between europe and it's not that i got a nap. it seems to be shocked if he is not to because of passing the eastern germany and is eyeing off at the stats caught the eye and i think it's monday again and panic was shocked because an accident was on the criticism she don't take it to a new beginning. and now she feels that she needs to show off that he's really talking to my dilemma. but then he and down dale and he agreed that they want to talk about this and nothing concrete cannot accuse anyone in the streets in germany and ireland me it's not in the media. but then you know my review once to the studs and intercede with the united states as a trend change agreement in which it's going to be negotiated. and no one wants to discover and when google says its upset. do you think they're being disingenuous i'm not so sure. i think for instance that to mean a thing where google google. that said is tha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5